I came across the video below by J. P. Sears, a humorist.

Here is his passive aggressive discussion on the wisdom of taking on $100,000 of debt for a college degree.

His video makes a lot of great points.

Most importantly going to collage right out of high school is not for everyone.

Colleges and corporate America have colluded to create a system where getting a degree is a prerequisite to get a corporate job.  I get it.  And I understand why this will be difficult to change.

Clearly if you want to be a doctor, lawyer, engineer, scientist, accountant, or any professional, you need a lot of focused training only collage or university can provide.  If you are smart and hard working enough to be in the top of your high school class, any number of great schools will throw money at you to attend their institutions.  Or if you have some athletic skills, you could leverage those skills to fund your college education.

Luckily there is another alternative – Apprenticeship and online learning!

First is to figure out what career you want then find a job, most likely at the bottom of the ladder in some related industry and then take online course that specifically apply to the skills you need to learn.  This requires no debt. The learner pays for the degree by apprenticing part time at a local business.

Does this make sense? It will if you watch the video.

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