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Our Mission

What We Stand For

Da’dad is your partner in parenting.

We aim to make it easier to raise happy, healthy, engaged children at every age and stage.

We’ve built this Community so you can get trusted advice on everything from preparing for pregnancy (yay!) to raising teens (yikes!), to seeing them move out (sad!) and all the fun and challenging times in between.

We aim to bring you the latest news and information ranging from children’s health to homework help.

Plus tips on the hottest toys, media, and products for kids and families — all with a strong focus on learning.

We strongly believe that you are your child’s first (and forever!) teacher.

Our collection of slideshows, printables, crafts, activities, recipes, and videos should make your job as a parent more fun, simple, and enriching than ever. We’re honored to help.

Our Facilities

We Are Providing an Environment for Our Community to Thrive

We use the same 21st Century tools that created all the information to manage all the information.

We use A-Keys, Distributed Library, Meta-data, and Educational 
Blockchains to protect privacy and verify content.

Our Vision

Prepare the next generation to thrive in the future

We have classes that are one way.  They are intended to teach something new. 

And we have classes that are two way.  They are intended for discussion and to facilitate new learning.

Community members create Original Content. This content can be sold and make money for the Member that created it.
The Da’Dad Learning Community provides opportunities to assess others and be assessed.

Assessors will be paid for their efforts and the Learning Community will take a percentage to pay for infrastructure.

A Message From

Our Founder

I recently retired from 40 years in the Phone Company.  I have both a BA in Communications from UCLA.  I have an MA in Communications from the Annenberg School of Communication at USC.  I also raised two good kids that have been on their own since graduating college.  And I have taught at the Graduate level for most of my adult life.  And I have no intention of stopping now.

I believe I can combine my knowledge of how the Internet works with how communication works and how teaching works to build this learning community.

When I see all the ways people act badly on the news I wonder why, after all the generations that have gone before, aren’t we better at parenting.

Perhaps kids grow up in spite of their parents and nothing parents do really changes them.

However, I think it is because we do not communicate well either between families or within families.

I think that if there is a better way to share experiences of what works and what does not work, we, as parents, can do a better job raising healthy productive children.

I set up this Web Site to provide a Learning Community for Parents to learn what works and what does not.

My intent is to offer a tool to help the community grow by providing the resources to help solve our 21st Century problems.