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Learning is not a Spectator Sport

I came across an old presentation with the title, "Learning Is Not a Spectator Sport." So a brief search provided a lot of great information. This is particularly important as I am building a Learning Management System LMS. Here are some of the things I found out:...

Blaming the Next Generation is Not New

Blaming the Next Generation is Not New

Mike Males is a Sociologist and Author of Framing Youth and Scapegoat Generation.  Mike writes, Well, Scapegoat Generation came out in 1996 and Framing Youth in 1999 and those books are basically talking about the same topics though different periods in time. They...

Instructional Design Suggestions

Instructional Design Suggestions Distance learning, online learning, remote learning, and mobile learning are extremely popular today. Today’s online learners, however, are extremely e-savvy. Therefore, when it comes to picking an online course, their expectations on...

Basic Skills

Basic Skills Basic skills are acquired abilities. Unlike breathing or blinking, we are not born with them; they must be learned. Furthermore, skills can be lost through disuse. They require drill or practice in order to perfect them. Does that make you think of flash...

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