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Computer Terms for Kids

Computer Terms for Kids This is a list of computer terms for kids.  It highlights some important concepts. Backup – This is an extra copy of a file or document. Browser – This is the program you use to browse files.  A web browser will browse internet files, like...

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Verbal Communication Skills

Verbal Communication Skills Almost every job requires workers to use verbal communication skills.  That’s why verbal skills are highly ranked on the candidate evaluation checklists used by many job interviewers. The stronger your communication skills, the better your...

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Non Verbal Communication Skills

Non-Verbal Communication Skills Parents need to master non-verbal communication skills.  Kids can be very non-verbal so understanding how non-verbal works will greatly increase a parents ability to communicate. The Importance of Nonverbal Communications Most...

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Ways to Improve Parental Communication

Improving Parental Communication We can always learn how to improve our Parental Communication Be Consistent Follow through. Know your intent. Be age appropriate Understand how your child sees the world. Be nice. Understand when to use a carrot and when to use a...

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Active Listening

Active Listening Active listening is the process by which an individual secures information from another individual or group by actively engaging with them to ensure understanding.  The active element involves taking steps to draw out information that might not...

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5 Classroom Learning Myths

5 Classroom Learning Myths These are some of the Classroom Learning Myths we need to embrace in order to maximize learning. Throughout history, education has been about teaching the next generation to do what the previous generation wants them to do.  However, just...

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