What is the Best Homeschool Learning Community

Most towns have community associations for homeschool students. I think this is a good idea.

Homeschool courses, like all courses, allow for free time.  These community associations provide a place to relax and also apply learning.

Homeschoolers are encouraged combine course work with practical work.  For example, as part of the Business Curriculum learners are encouraged to state a home business.  The @lantis Homeschool Curriculum provide tools to help learners apply the things they are learning.  This might even

For students who are not involved in business-related or career-related activities, participation an a local homeschool association is highly recommended. Social activities are important for students.

There may be sports-related programs. For students who are interested in sports, this is another way to get involved.

There is more to homeschooling than formal instruction.

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