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Improve Communication Improve Your Life

Active Listening

Learn how to listen better to your kids and how to teach your kids to listen better to you and to other important voices.

Improve Communication Improve Your Life

Strengths Managment

Learn the build on your strengths and, at the same time, how to build your kid’s strength.

Improve Communication Improve Your Life

Media Literacy

Learn the skills needed to Master Media Literacy. Consuming information more effectively than your competition is critical for success in the 21st Century.

Parent Child Communication

Family Communication

Family communication theory, research, and practice. Includes assessment and measurement of interaction patterns, pathologies, and intervention strategies within and among families

Communication Foundations

Natural Laws of Communication

The Physics and Biology of Parenting

Foundational thinking about the basic “physics” and “Biology” of Parenting, with a heavy focus on Communication and Information. A list and description of the “known-knowns,” the “known-unknowns,” and some discussion of what might be the “unkown-unkowns.”

Improve Communication Improve Your Life

Communication and Information Theory

A discussion of the history and current thinking about communication and information. A look at the “best” models of how we can apply the natural laws we are handed.

Improve Communication Improve Your Life

Build Your Core Competencies

Learn the reasons why continually building your Core Competencies is a good thing, and learn some of the skills to help you.

Improve Communication Improve Your Life

7 Success Pillars

This short Book describes 7 foundational “Pillars” of success: – Propensity (Talent) – Persistence (Not Giving Up) – Providence (Luck) – Passion (Desire) – Perspiration (Hard Work) – Perspective (Honesty) – Predictability (Trust)

Master the Internet

Natural Laws of Communication

Mastering WordPress Websites

An interactive multimedia guide to Mastering the Internet by Mastering WordPress. The thinking is that by learning to Master WordPress one would have to learn to master the Intenet.
Natural Laws of Communication

5 Information Ages

Understanding what Information is and how to use it is a critical skill if you ever hope to Master the Internet. This book lays out the reason the 21st Century is different than any other time in history by describing the 5 Ages of Information; Story Telling, Cave Paintings, Alphabet, Printing Press, and The Internet. 

Natural Laws of Communication

The Beginners Alphabet of the Internet

And interactive multimedia beginners book of the important terms 21st Century Terms we need to all master. It is intended to be read aloud by a parent to teacher.