"Listening/Seeing" and "Hearing/Understanding" Skills

“Listening” and “Seeing” are not the same as “Hearing” and “Understanding.”

Being connected to others is a fundamental driver for most of us.  And it is the quality of those connections that determine the quality of our lives.

So learning skills to help us grow the good connections and shrink the bad connections are critical for success.

And, as with all communication the first step is to understand the intent of the communication.  You need to understand why you are communicating to this person.   Then you need to understand the other person’s intent.  Finally, you need specific skills to achieve your intent.


Understanding the Intent of the Communication


Skill #1 -Understand your Intent

Skill #2 -Understand others Intent

Skill #3 -Talk for one, two, or three sentences.  Stop.  Listen, and Think about what do to next.