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Why use this website for Parenting Advice!

Why Come Here for Parenting Advice

When I see all the ways people act badly on the news I wonder why, after all the generations that have gone before, aren’t we better at parenting.

Perhaps kids grow up in spite of their parents and nothing parents do really changes them. Perhaps it is our nature that drives us; not how we are nurtured.

While I do think nature as a large influence, how we are nurtured does impact us as well. How you drive your car determines how it lasts over time. A car will not last as long if you drive it harder than it is designed. In this case the way the car is designed is “nature” and the way you drive it “nurture.”


Why Parenting Advice is Needed

I think it is because we do not communicate well either between families or within families.

I think that if there is a better way to share experiences of what works and what does not work, we, as parents, can do a better job raising healthy productive children.

I set up this Web Site to provide a Learning Community for Parents to learn what works and what does not.

My intent is to offer a tool to help the community grow by providing the resources to help solve our 21st Century problems.


Site Structure

This website is intended to help the Community learn how to parent well in the 21st Century.

The Community communicates to add value to the “raw data.”

We accomplish this by using a very structured communication process.

Everything starts with “raw data.”  Raw data is Packet “0”.  A “Blockchain” of “Meta-data” is created for the raw data.  Blockchains can be added to, but not changed.

There are two ways a community member adds value to the raw data: 1) Adds meta-data about the raw data (verifying source and content), 2) Creates new content based on the raw data.



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