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All Lessons

Our Passion

We’re passionate about making the highest-quality and most actionable parenting information available through the easiest to use search engine.

Our Focus

Our primary focus is on New Parents.  They have the most questions.

However, teachers, students, or anyone just interested in developing their parenting skills, will find plenty of essential, and actionable, parenting information here.

Goal-Driven Parenting Classes

Based on your own personal goals, the Learning Network can suggest parenting classes that will help you achieve your goals.


Why Learn With Us?


Your Privacy is Protected Through the Use of A-Keys

Every member of the Learning Network is assigned a secret A-Key.  This helps protect their privacy.

Class Sizes Are Limited

In order to get to know your classmates, classes are kept very small.  But, all classes are linked though the @lantis Learning Network (ALN) so learning is greatly enhanced.

No End Date to Classes

Once you’re enrolled in a class you stay enrolled forever.  This is so you can go back and learn new stuff that has been updated.  Or add your voice to the class by updated it to make the class better.  Your classes become mini learning communities.

Classes Based On Your Personal Goals

All your learning is driven by your goals.  

Content Is Protected Through Educational Blockchains

All content in the Library has a “Blockchain” attached.  This protects the content from misuse and adds value to the content.

Parenting Classes


Teach your kids how Buy, Maintain, and Drive a car.


Teach your kids what they need to know to vote.


Teach your kids to be better communicators.

Education and Learning

Teach your kids how and what to learn.

Engineering & Science

Teach your kids Engineering, & Science Concepts

Financial Planning

Teach your kids to manage money.

Health and Wellness

Teach your kids to stay healthy for their entire life.

Information Management

Teach your kids to use information wisely.


Teach your kids to understand and respect religion.

Technology Literacy

Learn to use technology optimally.